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101 Proofs for God

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101 Proofs for God

Eye-Opening New Information Showing There Has To Be God

Author: Jim Stephens
372 pages, softcover
ISBN: 978-1-48357-991-7

The vast majority of people in this country say they believe in God. But why? Can they prove it or is it just a "feeling"? This book will help.

A lot of very smart people are convinced that we descended from monkeys, and long before that it was amoebas. They think that all life came about accidentally, a bazillion to one chance but we won the lottery of lotteries. Do you know enough science, especially the latest discoveries, to be able to refute them convincingly and even change their minds? This book will help.

Most of us as kids believed in Santa Claus and most of us taught our children that he existed as well. After all, there was clear evidence he existed on Christmas morning. What about God? Would you like to know good evidence for children and teens (oldsters too) that God is real, not just a Santa myth? This book will help.

You are an expert on something for sure, but do you have expertise on God. Have you researched the arguments for Darwinism enough to know what it is really implying and why it is actually anti-scientific? This book will help.

Knowing with certainty that God exists has tremendous implications for your life. And, also significantly, there are likely consequences when this life is over if any part of you continues to exist in another realm.

Peruse this book, something in it will catch your eye. Read that chapter. It will make you think. And that could change your life for the better.