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The Spiritual Code - The 12 Invisible Laws That Govern Our Universe

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The Spiritual Code

The 12 Invisible Laws That Govern Our Universe

Author: Frederick A. Swarts, Ph.D.
Publisher: Hudson McArthur Publishers
211 pages, softcover
ISBN: 0-9675946-1-8

The Spiritual Code is a unique book that you will treasure throughout your life.
Codified and summarized within are twelve fundamental spiritual laws which are inseparably linked with happiness and success. These twelve "time-tested" principles are drawn from the sacred texts and teachings of the world's great relgions and philosophies, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, and Shinto. Supporting text is likewise culled from smaller traditional and tribal religions and various newer religions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to emphasize the universality of these cardinal principles.

The 12 spiritual laws explored within are profound and have practical application to our lives.
While they are established truths, widely-held among the diverse religious traditions, they often come to us in bits and pieces or are obscured in the details. We tend to forget such absolute laws of life when they are most needed. The Spiritual Code presents these truths in a manner that is organized and easy to understand, facilitating their comprehension and application.

 Spiritual Law One:   The Law of Cause & Effect
 Spiritual Law Two:   The Law of Giving & Receiving
 Spiritual Law Three:   The Law of Restitution
 Spiritual Law Four:   The Law of Persecution
 Spiritual Law Five:   The Law of Individual Purpose & Responsibility
 Spiritual Law Six:   The Law of Higher Purpose & No-Self
 Spiritual Law Seven:   The Law of Positive Intention
 Spiritual Law Eight:   The Law of Synergy
 Spiritual Law Nine:   The Law of Test & Blessing
 Spiritual Law Ten:   The Law of Harmonious Response
 Spiritual Law Eleven:   The Law of Unity
 Spiritual Law Twelve:   The SuperLaw of True Love