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What kind of Europe do we envision for the Future?

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What kind of Europe do we envision for the future?

Politics - Economy - Values
Collected presentations of a UPF-Conference in Berlin
Nov. 16th and 17th 2012

Fritz Piepenburg (Pub.)


Session I - The Crisis of Values and the Future of Religion

Ambassador Ian Marius De Jong "Do we need Moral Standards for a Better Europe?"
Dr. Marijo Zivkovic "The Role of Family in Modern Society"
Dr Yong Cheon Song "Europe’s Contribution for World Peace"

Session II - The Political Crisis - A more united Europe, but how?

Dmitri Marchenkov "The political crisis and the role of local and regional authorities in the future democratic model"
Dr Willem van Eekelen "Between National Identity and Federal Integration"
Dr. Walther Lichem "Europe depends on its Societies"

Session III - Youth Panel

Juan Ignacio Fernandez Torres "The World Youth Alliance and what it means to be human"
Falk Röder "Europeans or Citizens of the World?"
Nicole Kaim "The International Network for European Studies"
Dominic Zoehrer "The European Dream and Our Contribution"

Session IV - Women‘s Panel

Ingrid Lindemann / Seija Künzig "Living Human Dignity is a Cornerstone for the European Community"
Corinna Pummer "The Reciprocity of Empowerment - A veritable design of the 21st Century?"

Session V - The Economic and Financial Crisis - What are the Causes and Solutions?

Prof. Antonino Galloni "Europe’s Economic Crisis – Causes and Solutions"
Dr. Tihomir Domazet "Towards a Globalised Europe – The Role of Other than Big Nations"
Prof .Dr. Wolfgang Ockenfels "Structures and Moral in Society"

Session VI - A Vision for Europe and the World

Karl-Christian Hausmann "Europe needs a new Vision"
Dr. Dieter Schmidt "UPF-Founder’s Life and Commitment to a new Europe"

Session VII - WFWP and UPF -Vision, Projects & Activities

Carolyn Handschin "Women in an Era of Participation: Family Culture and the Paradigm and Tool for Prevention and Cure"
Mark Brann "The Vision, Projects and activities of the UPF"